EIFI - International School for Intercultural Philosophy

For a plural coexistence in a common world

Philosophy - Spirituality- Society


In the framework of the XII. International Congress of Intercultural Philosophy, at the beginning of November 2017, on the initiative of Raúl Fornet-Betancourt, the International School of Intercultural Philosophy (= EIFI) was founded, with its physical seat in the Casa d'Espiritualitat Sant Felip Neri in Barcelona.

The Board of Directors is formed by Berta Meneses (Casa d'Espiritualitat Sant Felip Neri), Ángels Canadell (Asociación Filosofía de la Tierra, Barcelona), Vincent G. Furtado (Institute of Philosophy and Religion, Mysore, India) and Raúl Fornet-Betancourt (University of Aachen).

Since its foundation, EIFI has been supported by professors from more than 70 universities in various disciplines, from Nazan (Japan) to Harward (USA), from Moscow (Russia) to Buenos Aires (Argentina) or Abidjan (Ivory Coast). Some of them are part of the International Academic Council whose function is to advise and accompany the work of the EIFI.

As part of its work, EIFI regularly organizes courses, seminars and congresses which are open to all interested members of the public. EIFI activities are conducted in several languages, depending on the origin of the teachers and, at the request of the participants, can be certified for academic recognition purposes.

The EIFI configures its work around three fundamental axes: "Philosophy, Spirituality and Society", from the interest of promoting intercultural philosophy as a platform for an integral knowledge that also includes the language of the senses, intuition and love.

In addition to courses and seminars, the EIFI offers advice and accompaniment in research work, counting on the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team, composed of the members responsible for the three thematic axes mentioned above. To facilitate this work, the EIFI has a specialized library at the disposal of those interested.

The EIFI understands itself as a "school-community" for a plural coexistence in a common world, open to all those who share its objectives and want to help in its realisation.

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